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lucy helps

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Earthbound posters ready for print, some assembly required…



I had promised to give updates on the posters if and when I got printing going. I did some checking and the printing is not the pricey part, the shipping and shipping materials are. I offered them to a few distributors who could keep the cost down and there was a little interest but no takers.

Solution: just give away the printable file for free on the internet. The print ready pdf is in the link above with all four posters in it. Page one is Onett page Two is Twoson…you get the idea.

So here is what you do: Download the pdf, put it on a jump drive or burn the file to a cd, take the cd or jump drive to a printer and tell them that you want to print off some 11 by 17 posters. Be sure to tell the printer to “Shrink to fit” the file so that it prints correctly, they will not print with a bleed, so there will be a white boarder around the edge. The files are set up to be printed on 11 by 17 inch paper (tabloid, every printer will have this size paper), portrait style (up and down not side to side.) I would recommend using a thicker stock paper with a matte finish, I like vellum but cardstock would be fine.

I do have a few favors to ask: Number one, no reselling or making money off of the prints. Seriously, just cause I’m giving away the file doesn’t mean I relinquish the copyright. Number two, USE A LOCAL PRINTER! I used to work at a small, local print shop and I can tell you that you will get better service there. Number Three, I would love to see pictures of the prints! put em up on tumblr! That’s it!

If you would like to donate then feel free, but not obligated, by going to my Tumblr page and clicking the “Donate” button under the picture of the robot.. Thanks and happy printing!

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Born in the wrong generation?

Thanks Louis

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Before your buy your pumpkins this fall, please consider the following:

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Captcha back-atcha

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Mr. Softee…part one

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Zoo vs. Circus

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